The FIRST, ORIGINAL “Shit,” Writers Say


Writing Advice For Real Writers

Authors from around the world offer memorable and enlightening words of wisdom for new and established writers.


Writer Stereotypes. Which one are you?

The FIRST, ORIGINAL spoof of Madonna’s Infamous Hydrangea Rejection, in which Famous Author and Twit Extraordinaire “The Author R.J. Keller” expresses her distaste for a certain musical artist.

And, starting from the beginning…

EPISODE I: Raving Reviews

In their first video, Backword Books authors Kristen Tsetsi and RJ Keller take you inside the secret – and often exciting – lives of fiction writers.


EPISODE II: The Interview

The American Psychological Association estimates that each year thousands of writers suffer from delusions of inflated worth, knowledge, and identity. In our latest episode of Inside The Writers Studio, we visit one such author, R.J. Keller, as she is interviewed by hair-obsessed reporter Kristen Tsetsi.

Blooper Reel 1

EPISODE III: Writing, Time Management, and You

A recently uncovered informational video – that may or may not be from the 1950s – explores how authors Kristen Tsetsi and RJ Keller balance their writing lives with their everyday lives.

Or not.

EPISODE IV: Self-Promotion FAIL

Three writers (K. Tsetsi, R.J. Keller, and guest Caroline Leavitt) illustrate why maybe – just maybe – self-promotion doesn’t always work.

EPISODE IV.V: I. Am. Writer.

EPISODE V: It’s Not Hemingway

In which Kris and R try to improve their writing the old fashioned way.

EPISODE V.5: A Musical Interlude

Poet, and Paper Rats’ fan, Joe Glasgow posted a poem about “Inside The Writers’ Studio” on Facebook. Naturally we pestered him until he turned it into a song. Then we pestered him some more until he recorded it. Because that’s how we roll.


6 thoughts on “Episodes

  1. Why aren’t there more comments? What’s wrong with the American public that there aren’t hundreds, yea, thousands of comments here? Don’t people care any…wait, this isn’t the site I thought it was. Never mind.

  2. I only comment if hundreds/thousands of people will comment back on how clever (astute, penetrating, allegorical, harmonic, life-altering, blood-transfusing, planet-moving) MY comment was. Since no one comments here (yet), I would like to be paid for this comment.

  3. Hi Paper Rats,

    did you do the book trailer for Caroline Leavitt’s PICTURES OF YOU? Because I think it’s brilliant, maybe the best one I’ve seen and if you did that I’d like to talk to you about doing one for me.

    My second novel, The Sandalwood Tree (Simon & Schuster) is coming out April 5, and I’m now updating my website, doing all the pre-pub stuff with online reviewers as well as an indie publicist, who I’m beginning to
    think is overrated. The one wall I keep running into is the video book trailer.

    The first guy offered a crazy collage of still images that made no sense and
    when I said it wasn’t working, he said, I quit, and then he kept the money. Not going to be paying 100% up front again. The second guy put together an even worse bunch of stills that would have you think it was a book about WWII, and finished it with the wrong book cover! Then there was the conveyer belt people who have you fill out forms until you want to put the pen in your eye, and then they put you in “the queue”.

    I have a very specific idea in mind for the trailer. It’s a complicated plot,
    two plots really, ninety years apart. Here is the one sentence description:

    A sweeping novel that brings to life two love stories, ninety years apart, set
    against the rich backdrop of war-torn India.

    I’ve can send you a book description, a script for the trailer, and a book cover to give you a feel for the project. If you did Caroline Leavitt’s trailer, you know how to do evocative, and how to use less to make more.

    Hoping you’ll have a look at the project, I’d like you to look over the stuff I’ll send and consider using that same mysterious music you have on Caroline’s video, but with ambient sounds of an Indian market place in the background, the way we see and hear the camera flashes in Pictures of You.

    Those background sounds can morph into angry mob sounds when needed and then just go away, like the camera flash. Also, I love the ghosty things that appear and disappear; they’re perfect for my script.

    I so hope you are the people who did that trailer. It would sort of be like
    finding the source of the Nile.

    Looking forward,
    Elle Newmark

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