Your hair. Your eyes. Your stylish clothes. Your wit. Your charm. We want it all.

But we want it in the form of words, because what we want you for isn’t shallow, meaningless personal gratification, but for everything that makes you sexy in your own mind.

Well, maybe not even sexy, but interesting. We really, really want to interview you. Do you write? Long fiction, short fiction, screenplays, plays, poetry, songs…anything with words? If you do, chances are you like talking about it, and we like hearing about it. Or, we will when we interview you.

If you’d like to be interviewed, that’s good enough for us. We want to know about you. And you want to talk about you. What better partnership could there be?

During the month of November, interviews will be text only. Depending on how things go, come December, we may move into video interviews (in classic PaperRats style) for those who can film themselves and send us the video. If, come December, you want to be interviewed but you don’t have the necessary equipment (a video-taking digital camera), we’ll keep it in text. Just for you.

Send us an email at paperrats@gmail.com if you’d like to be interviewed.

Do it.


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