When we announced our short script contest we said, “It’s more fun to involve other people than to not.” Since then, we’ve discovered exactly how true this statement is, because we’ve had SCADS of fun over the past two weeks! (If “scads” is a word, which we’re not sure it is.)

The scripts were all very clever and very funny, and it’s been a true joy reading each and every one of them. We’ve had the privelege of getting a glimpse into the warped and wonderful minds of so many of our fellow writers, in such a variety of genre and style. We’ve come to realize just how much of what we go through in this writing life – our joys and struggles and dreams –  is universal. And that’s what Paper Rats is about, after all.

Etiquette demands that we say, “We had a REALLY difficult time choosing the winner, because there were so many good scripts to choose from”…but the fact is that it’s true.

Still, the decision had to be made…

…and the winner is…

“It’s Not Hemingway” by Holly Christine. Congratulations, Holly! We’re making preparations to film as we speak, and will announce a release date for the video very soon.

A big thank you to EVERYONE who entered! We’ll be holding more contests in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned!


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