Because it’s more fun to involve other people than to not – which we learned when we had a guest “star” for episode IV of IWS – we’d like to involve people again, but this time in a different capacity.

We’re not genre snobs. We love all writing. And we love movies. Which means we love screen writers.

We’d like to invite all screen writers to submit a short (short short short) script for our next episode. The script we choose as the winner is the one we’ll use for episode V, and the writer will, of course, receive credit for having written the script. Not little, tiny writing in the credits credit, either.


Your script must

1. conform to average YouTube video length, so it should be no longer than about 2.5 – 3 minutes long. So, about 2.5 – 3 pages (excluding descriptive narrative, of course, which can get wordy…we know this).

2. have something to do with writing/the writer’s life/writers’ struggles. We recommend visiting the IWS blog to watch the episodes we’ve done so far so you can get a feel for what we’re doing.

3. not disparage editors, publishers, agents, or anyone else who has the potential to help or hurt a writer.

4. be humorous. If you send a script we love, but it’s serious, we’ll change it to suit our tone.

5. be sent with the understanding that we have editorial rights and control. We will consult you with any changes we’d like to make so you can work with us in making them, but once we choose your script, it’s ours. You don’t get it back, and we reserve the right to make changes. However! If you’d like to submit a statement about the changes we make (if we make them), we will post your statement at the end of the video in very small font on a 0.5 second screen.

6. must be sent no later than midnight EST on April 20/21, 2010 to paperrats@gmail.com.

Additional guideline: we believe in cross-promotion, so if we choose your script, we would appreciate it if you post links to the episode on appropriate social networking sites you participate in, just as we will.

Winners will be chosen by April 25 and contacted shortly thereafter.

Have fun, and thank you so much for your interest!


One thought on “Call for very, very, very short scripts for IWS episode V

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