Yes…it’s finally here! Inside The Writers’ Studio Episode IV, “Self-Promotion FAIL” with special guest star Caroline Leavitt. (And if you want to post it on your own blogs or Facebook accounts, or Tweet it, we will surely not complain.)

Three authors illustrate why maybe – just maybe – self-promotion doesn’t always work.


3 thoughts on “Self-Promotion FAIL

  1. It seems that writing a book is the easy part. Marketing the book is the difficult part. I’m in the process of marketing my ebook. Of course, I use my blog to help me market the book and although there are no boobs on the blog there sure are a lot of sexy short stories and a lot of erotic chatter on the blog.

    Anyway, your video should get your Paper Rats out there. Only time will tell if your campaign or my campaign will work. Go luck.

  2. Guy – they’re both a b–…well, they’re both difficult. Good luck to you, and thanks for watching! (Have you been on the Kindle Boards? Good place to market your ebook.)

    Tara – thank you!

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