Because there is going to would be a grand opportunity for “those types” of people to create a drinking game to accompany this episode. We advocate no such thing. We’re just saying. There may or may not be a word or two repeated many times, the way there sometimes are when people make up those silly games.

Also in this episode: an extra person, a fancy t-shirt, RJ Keller’s “coffee,” helpful husbands, and a few cats who insist on being part of the show.


5 thoughts on “It’s a good thing writers don’t drink.

  1. I enjoy your humor!
    I’m over here in Stratton– another Maine writer driving herself insane messing around with words.
    I truly believe you would enjoy my stories. You can read some of them from my book “A View from the Corner” on the publisher’s website: http://www.rockpublishing.com
    I must go out to the garden now and save the daffodils from certain drowning. I sure wish someone in town had stopped by when I was putting in the flower beds and mentioned to this newcomer the word ‘water tables’ …seems to me it would have been the neighborly thing to do.
    I will be following you (in a good way, not a weird backwoods stalker sort of way).

  2. Oh my gosh, that was gloriously random. I’m not sure what I loved the most, the part where we find out that Stephen King has been ripping off Shakespeare or when you break the news that you’re going to be on Rock of Love. Awesome.

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