[The above is episode I of IWS, “Raving Reviews. (Or, how writers really react to bad reviews.)”]


When fellow Backword Books author Christopher Meeks told Kel and me that he’d shared our “Writing, Time Management, and You” episode (here) with Caroline Leavitt, I thought, “Oh! Cool! Thanks!” Then I googled Caroline Leavitt (I do not do nearly as much reading as I should). And then I thought, “Holy WOW, Chris. COOL! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!”

My reaction, there, was, yes, based on Leavitt’s bio (here). Who wouldn’t want someone with such writerly credits as Leavitt watching their writerly videos? No one, that’s who. More exciting was when Leavitt (may I call you Caroline?) commented on our PaperRats page that she wanted to interview us for her blog. (Answer: Yes!) But! Even better! Email exchanges leading to the finished interview (here) revealed Caroline to be a lot more fun than one usually expects an accomplished author of eight novels and a writer for many many publications to be. She even said, “I want to be in one of your videos!”

Here’s a (facebook profile) picture of Caroline Leavitt.

Needless to say, the answer we sent her – after a few email exchanges between Kel and me that went a little like “Omigod she wants to be in our next episode!” and “How, like, rad!” and “What should we make her do!?” – we responded with a very professional, “We would love to have you in our next episode!” (Exclamation marks aren’t “professional,” but sometimes they’re simply called for. Why lie about excitement?)


Omigod!!! Caroline Leavitt wants to be in our next episode!!!! How totally rad!!!!!


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