So much, in fact, that she contacted us for an interview, and it’s difficult for us to adequately express our gratitude. We hope “Thank you so so so so much!” communicates it.

From Ms. Leavitt’s bio (with the third-person pov tossed in by us):  Caroline Leavitt is the award winning author of eight novels, most recently Girls in Trouble, which was a Booksense Selection and is now in its third printing. She is the recipient of a New York Foundation of the Arts Grant in Fiction and portions of her novel in progress won a Goldenberg Fiction Prize. She was a finalist in the Nickelodeon Screenwriting Fellowship, a semi-finalist in the Fade In/Writers’ Net Screenwriting Competition, and a National Magazine Award nominee.

The interview’s intro:

As anyone who follows me on Facebook and Twitter knows, I’ve fallen in love with Paper Rats videos. They’re hilarious, smart, very knowing videos about the writing experience, so of course I had to track down the people responsible and hurl questions at them. And who are these brilliant folk?

Yes! Who?

Read the rest at Caroline Leavitt’s blog.


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